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Obsessed with her clothes. 



leave good for great

So my loves, it was my last day hanging with the big leagues today! I was genuinely really sad when I got out of the Lincoln tunnel and took a last look at New York! Well, obviously not my last look, but my last look as a new yorker working in the fashion industry.... I promise I'll be back though.

These are some photos of the PR office I worked at part time - Marie Saeki PR. I had a lovely time, and Marie gave me an adorable Petit Bateau dress and some t-shirts as a thank you gift! I simple adore them and the hassle of commuting 4 hours a day was well worth the opportunity.  

Selma Optique sunglasses

Barbara Briones shoes

You may be seeing the woven booties in Anthropology next season!

Petit Bateau

Alice Ritter + Marie's own collection of rain coats called Terra NYC... Karlie Kloss was wearing it in the latest issue of Vogue!


behind the scenes

So as promised, here are the photos I sneaked from a few of the photo shoots I've been too. I don't think its technically allowed, but I did it for all of you!

Bloomingdales August/September catalogue 

Marie Claire color-blocking shoot for the September issue!

 Yes, those are the final edits from the shoot... shh! Don't tell anyone there here (and by here I mean my public blog, so anyone can see them if they looked).
Make sure you all look at the September issue of Marie Claire and see it up close! 

What it looks like when my job is done. Yes, all those clothes go into plastic trunks taped with packing tape. 

And all the glamour is gone... 


What a beautiful day in the city today! It's day like this when I feel physical pain walking into the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Well, it's painful everyday, but if you've ever seen central park on a warm sunny day you know what I mean. I am at the PR office today working away on the usual sending and returning.
Yesterday was the Jessica Simpson look book shoot that I previously mentioned, which was fairly boring. The  cool part was that we were shooting at Milk Studios down the street from Chelsea Market. These studios are well known in the industry as places for crazy parties and where a lot of designers show their collections. Sometimes instead of a runway, a designer will just show their collection on models standing on podiums and viewers mill around looking and taking notes. The whole studio has two floors, which we were unfortunately on the less exciting one. The top floor has an open bar where hardworking fashion types drink free champagne as they shoot the September issue of Vogue. That's definitely glamorizing the job by a lot, but a photo shoot can be known to be a good time. The floor we were on was still very nice, with a coffee and raw juice bar replacing the alcohol. And the best part is you order whatever you want, and tell them to put it on 'studio C's tab'. That aspect of my day surely made up for the fact that Jessica Simpson has successfully designed 20 pairs of dress pants that all look the same.
While I'm on the topic, I would like to make a correction from my previous post. Yesterday I said Jessica Simpson's shoes were uncomfortable, which I then slyly crossed out and replaced with 'lovely'. I still think most of her shoes are not the best, but I totally fell in love with a pair of suede Mary Janes from her new fall collection that we were shooting. Naturally they don't come out until July, but I snapped a quick picture so I could show all of you. Me and Isabel are both going to buy a pair and send each other outfit photos with our classy new shoes. The best part about them is they are so comfortable! A really good point Isabel made yesterday is that there is nothing more unattractive then a women in heels who can't walk in them. To all you men out there: Isn't that the truth? Anyway they have a very Alexa Chung look to them and you will definitely see me sporting a pair this fall on the streets of Chicago.

Alexa when she had the most amazing talk show ever

How similar are they from the Jessica Simpsons? And I'm pretty sure Alexa's are YSL...



Last week in the big apple

It's a rainy day here in New York City. Its been dreary with on and off rain for a week and I'm getting tired of it! I don't have that many chic rain clothes in my closet. Fortunately I'm just working in the PR office today. Isabel had a photo-shoot at NBC studios for Bloomingdale's, that I wish I could of gone to, but by the time I was done at the office the shoot was over. Oh well! I'm sure it was cool though, they were doing a story for the September catalogue that was like a Tina Fay type girl working behind the scenes. I guess we'll all see what it looks like when the catalogue comes out. Tomorrow we have yet another photo-shoot for Jessica Simpson's look book for her uncomfortable lovely shoe collection. It should be pretty easy since there's not much styling involved because we already have a set collection of clothes and shoes we have to use.  Then I have a dinner with my parents and the couple that set me up with this internship. The connection is that I interned with a women named Cori at Victoria's Secret in the summer between 10th and 11th grade. Cori then connected me to Isabel because Isabel styled the VS campaign a few years ago. Don't you just love networking?
Regardless, I totally forget what school is like. Everyone told me that the real business world is just a culture shock coming out of school if you've never worked before. And it is. I'll admit that I was scared out of my mind the first few days. Being surrounded everyday by people who are at the top of their careers is a little intimidating. Mostly because thats a place I want to be in five or so years. I know that sounds ambitious but I dream big. In school the thing they forget to tell you is that you will get fired if you don't go to work. But you don't get kicked out of school if you don't go to class (there are exceptions). Now I am proud to say that I have never skipped a class at Solebury, but there is an added pressure to get up in the morning that was definitely not there during school.
Since it's memorial day weekend next week, all the big names at the magazine are off vacationing in the Hampton's or something getting their grill on. Although I'm sure not without their Celine sport pants and Christian Louboutin's. So as you might have guessed, business is a little slow. Sarah, Marie's assistant left on Friday to go back to France to finish her exams. So I got 'promoted' for the next week to do all the assisting for Marie. It's mostly e-mailing clients, pulling items for the magazine and then doing all the invoices. It's really not very difficult, and the other intern who started last week (she didn't show up today so that makes me look really good) is working here as she finishes her senior year at college. Anyway it would be pretty cool to do this all day and actually get paid for it. Because I haven't even graduated high school and this is one of the easier jobs I've ever done. Really, it's nothing compared to the anguish I went through in French and Math. On a side note, everyone speaks french! Funny how the things that you struggle with the most follow you. 
I'm sad this is my last week in the city! I really love working here - even if its the boring stuff.




I had two photo shoots the last two days so life has been pretty hectic. I don't get home until 9/10 at night so I am so sorry for the lack of keeping you updated on my life as a fashion intern. Also I'm required by my school to post things so eventually I will have to tell you. But I've been taking notes in my free moments at the shoots so I promise I have plenty of material. Just being in the city is such an inspiration in itself that every moment I am filled with hundreds of things I could show or say to you. Honestly, it makes me a little sad when I have to get off at 42nd street to catch a bus back to good old New Joisey (that spelling was intentional... just say it with The Situation's voice). I just keep thinking of how lucky I am to have this opportunity. Every other intern I've worked with is graduating from college so it's amazing how far ahead I will be after these three weeks. I just keep thinking that every pack-up and mail delivery is getting me closer to achieving my bigger goals. And even though its the silliest and most basic jobs I'm doing everyday,  it is all going to get me to the life I envision in my head. I'm sure I will eventually get tired of filing invoices and bothering Lucky magazine about giving our clothes back (really there terrible at returning things on time). But I genuinely love it right now. And since the world is ending tomorrow, it's wonderful that I got to spend my last days on earth in a community I belong in. Since the first day I got to NYC I knew it was my place. I think it's like finding the right wedding dress or falling in love (or so I hear): you just know when it's right. Well I can tell you right now I found my place. Completely and totally. I've never felt so happy, important and challenged until now.
To put this all into simpler terms: life feels easier when you feel like yourself.

What being a fashion intern looks like from our eyes
Photos via: T Magazine (NYTimes)