Last week in the big apple

It's a rainy day here in New York City. Its been dreary with on and off rain for a week and I'm getting tired of it! I don't have that many chic rain clothes in my closet. Fortunately I'm just working in the PR office today. Isabel had a photo-shoot at NBC studios for Bloomingdale's, that I wish I could of gone to, but by the time I was done at the office the shoot was over. Oh well! I'm sure it was cool though, they were doing a story for the September catalogue that was like a Tina Fay type girl working behind the scenes. I guess we'll all see what it looks like when the catalogue comes out. Tomorrow we have yet another photo-shoot for Jessica Simpson's look book for her uncomfortable lovely shoe collection. It should be pretty easy since there's not much styling involved because we already have a set collection of clothes and shoes we have to use.  Then I have a dinner with my parents and the couple that set me up with this internship. The connection is that I interned with a women named Cori at Victoria's Secret in the summer between 10th and 11th grade. Cori then connected me to Isabel because Isabel styled the VS campaign a few years ago. Don't you just love networking?
Regardless, I totally forget what school is like. Everyone told me that the real business world is just a culture shock coming out of school if you've never worked before. And it is. I'll admit that I was scared out of my mind the first few days. Being surrounded everyday by people who are at the top of their careers is a little intimidating. Mostly because thats a place I want to be in five or so years. I know that sounds ambitious but I dream big. In school the thing they forget to tell you is that you will get fired if you don't go to work. But you don't get kicked out of school if you don't go to class (there are exceptions). Now I am proud to say that I have never skipped a class at Solebury, but there is an added pressure to get up in the morning that was definitely not there during school.
Since it's memorial day weekend next week, all the big names at the magazine are off vacationing in the Hampton's or something getting their grill on. Although I'm sure not without their Celine sport pants and Christian Louboutin's. So as you might have guessed, business is a little slow. Sarah, Marie's assistant left on Friday to go back to France to finish her exams. So I got 'promoted' for the next week to do all the assisting for Marie. It's mostly e-mailing clients, pulling items for the magazine and then doing all the invoices. It's really not very difficult, and the other intern who started last week (she didn't show up today so that makes me look really good) is working here as she finishes her senior year at college. Anyway it would be pretty cool to do this all day and actually get paid for it. Because I haven't even graduated high school and this is one of the easier jobs I've ever done. Really, it's nothing compared to the anguish I went through in French and Math. On a side note, everyone speaks french! Funny how the things that you struggle with the most follow you. 
I'm sad this is my last week in the city! I really love working here - even if its the boring stuff.


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