I had two photo shoots the last two days so life has been pretty hectic. I don't get home until 9/10 at night so I am so sorry for the lack of keeping you updated on my life as a fashion intern. Also I'm required by my school to post things so eventually I will have to tell you. But I've been taking notes in my free moments at the shoots so I promise I have plenty of material. Just being in the city is such an inspiration in itself that every moment I am filled with hundreds of things I could show or say to you. Honestly, it makes me a little sad when I have to get off at 42nd street to catch a bus back to good old New Joisey (that spelling was intentional... just say it with The Situation's voice). I just keep thinking of how lucky I am to have this opportunity. Every other intern I've worked with is graduating from college so it's amazing how far ahead I will be after these three weeks. I just keep thinking that every pack-up and mail delivery is getting me closer to achieving my bigger goals. And even though its the silliest and most basic jobs I'm doing everyday,  it is all going to get me to the life I envision in my head. I'm sure I will eventually get tired of filing invoices and bothering Lucky magazine about giving our clothes back (really there terrible at returning things on time). But I genuinely love it right now. And since the world is ending tomorrow, it's wonderful that I got to spend my last days on earth in a community I belong in. Since the first day I got to NYC I knew it was my place. I think it's like finding the right wedding dress or falling in love (or so I hear): you just know when it's right. Well I can tell you right now I found my place. Completely and totally. I've never felt so happy, important and challenged until now.
To put this all into simpler terms: life feels easier when you feel like yourself.

What being a fashion intern looks like from our eyes
Photos via: T Magazine (NYTimes) 

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