the last of the New York photo shoots

So this is the last of the photo shoots that I worked on while I interned with Isabel Dupre in New York. I never posted the Jessica Simpson look book, because it's kind of boring, and we basically just shot all those little images of merchandise when you shop online. It's actually amazing how much goes into those, I'm sure we all take them for granted, but it's many days of planning, shooting, and LOTS of money.
These three images, plus the cover, were shot by Ruven Afanador who is an amazing and highly respected fashion photographer. It was fascinating getting to see him work, and the amount of respect the whole crew had for him. The three models were also really famous, but so incredibly nice. The clothes were also really beautiful and had to be taken care of with extra special care. This is fashion at its highest art. Although you can't directly see it, every single detail was hugely thought out.
 Cover: Women's Wear Daily Beauty Magazine 


Yesterday I was obsessing over my first kiss, and today I'm going to college half way across the country

I've been searching for days now
I've found something I lost
On a holy roller channel asking me whats the cost

On a couch in a cold room
Pouring salt in my wounds
I'm a mistake faking truth holding liars balloons
Make me fly for something more
You've been asleep for days now, 
Living inside your dreams
You know that aint no way to live or to handle such things

I wanna shake up your system
I wanna rattle your bones
I wanna take you to the stars 
And then I'll leave you alone

I would meet you anywhere, but Ive been farther down
I saw you somewhere farther down,
Did I expect it?
Now I'm overcome with fear
Mama get me out of here
I've gone farther down than I ever wanna go.

Lighting up the horizon, 
To the city sky-lights
In a faded aspiration only left in our minds
Let us shake up the system,
Lets go and rattle their frames
Lets take the highest road away and avoid these trappings

We stood out in the cold 
And your eyes, they ate my soul
Begged me to come back down, 
they begged me to come back down
Then the ground ate my legs, so I looked up to the sky and said
I don't wanna go back down
Oh Ive been so far down
Heaven help me, heaven help me for the way I've been.

Farther down
Did I expect it?
Now I'm overcome with fear
Mama get me out of here

I've gone farther down than I ever, than I ever wanna go
Farther down, I saw you somewhere 
Farther down
Did I expect it
Now I'm overcome with fear
Mama get me out, mama get me out of here.

I'm all done packing and my room is empty. Departing Jersey at 4a.m. tomorrow.
Lyrics: Neon Trees - Farther Down 



I wish I was at Lollapalooza right now. So I could dress like these pretty girls and be photographed by Vogue.
I'm in love with the girls hair in the first and fifth photo. It looks like my hair except how I wish it would be naturally. Alas, you can't have everything.... But I'll be in Chicago soon enough. They don't really have much of a street style scene there. But I plan on changing that for myself.

photos: vogue.com 


and you can tell everybody, that this is our song

that sweater + that dress + that coat + those booties....

....And like 10 pairs of Falke wool/cashmere tights.... I'm getting ready for Chicago obviously, but since its been hotter than the damn sun here in Jersey, it's hard to believe.
I really want those booties though... Everything is from Topshop too, in case  you were wondering. Except Falke, I don't know where to find them. Shopbop.com? Net-a-porter.com?



come be my jersey girl

Wet air and stale dreams hung over me like the truth I saw in the distance. I know now why I live, and I’ve found its not to watch others die. I wanted to leave almost as badly as I wanted the rain to come back in unnatural masses. Only this way would the sound of drowning disappointment leave my head. If I could, I swear I would of run away that night. The small ach in my stomach has been increasing to a creature I don’t recognize, and am beginning to fear. I will keep my eyes fixated on the un-apologizing truth looming on the horizon. From where I’m standing it seems like the end of the world. I find myself running to get closer, only to seem just as far as I was yesterday. It’s like a nightmare, trying to escape what’s behind you and getting nowhere. I’ve found that in those dreams, the moment I turn around and face the monsters, my nightmare is over.