the last of the New York photo shoots

So this is the last of the photo shoots that I worked on while I interned with Isabel Dupre in New York. I never posted the Jessica Simpson look book, because it's kind of boring, and we basically just shot all those little images of merchandise when you shop online. It's actually amazing how much goes into those, I'm sure we all take them for granted, but it's many days of planning, shooting, and LOTS of money.
These three images, plus the cover, were shot by Ruven Afanador who is an amazing and highly respected fashion photographer. It was fascinating getting to see him work, and the amount of respect the whole crew had for him. The three models were also really famous, but so incredibly nice. The clothes were also really beautiful and had to be taken care of with extra special care. This is fashion at its highest art. Although you can't directly see it, every single detail was hugely thought out.
 Cover: Women's Wear Daily Beauty Magazine 

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