we are the kings and queens of promise

Boys and girls and girls and boys: this is what I would like my summer to look like. Everything is so predicable its making me sick and tired. I think it would be wonderful to go to college with a scrapbook of black and white faded photos of drunken friends and unexpected lovers. I need something to remember. Someone to surprise me.


girls in bathtubs

These are the kind of girls who hang dream catchers above their beds, who eat pomegranates and read old history books for fun. These are the kind of girls who take pictures of their hands with disposable cameras and wallpaper their bathrooms with pretty roses. These girls sketch eyes and mouths and little drawings all over things, they look you right in the eye and almost through you when you speak to them. These girls camp out in their backyards for fun, they light candles everywhere and if you visit them at home they usually have all sorts of animals. Their wardrobes are filled with silk robes and bows and hats, they drink tall glasses of milk and snack on chocolate while they watch the sun rise. These are the kind of girls who ride bikes through the city to the cinema that plays old movies in the middle of the day. They watch “Breakfast At Tiffanys” or “Rosemarys Baby”. These are the kind of girls who are quiet in public. They were the kind of girls who put too many marshmallows in their hot choclate, and when the snow came down, lit the fire, and pretended to be in the North Pole. They would water color things they couldn’t see, and eat French Toast for lunch. These girls were the kind of girls who always believe in unicorns, they believed in the power of love and dreams. They were the kind of girls who gazed out of windows at bigger worlds, and rain made them think of faeries and tree houses. In the summer they read Jane Austen and listened to Fleetwood Mac while sipping hot tea. They told ghost stories under huge floral sheets, candles glowing below their faces. The spooky endings made them scream and laugh. They huddled together so they wouldn’t get too scared. These are the girls that didn’t need boys in their lives to achieve happiness.


just knock me out

I am in love with these close ups. Stacking bracelets is my new favorite thing. They just look so cool and effortless, don't they?


i'm on my feet today, and i'll walk into the grave

I can't even say how excited I am to finally decorate a whole apartment. And by apartment, I mean dorm room. New York will always be my home away from home, but I'm actually really excited to go to Chicago. The idea of going to a city where I know absolutely no one is terrifying, but my inspiration thrives on being in new and uncomfortable situations. So, if I'm going to move half way across the country, I might as well make it homey.


I'm desperately close to a coffin of hope, I'd cheat destiny just to be near you

Driving away from the wreck of the day, and it's finally quite in my head. Driving alone I'm finally on my way home to the comfort of my head. And if this is giving up, than I'm giving up.
Giving up on love.


Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. I don't think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.

Marchesa: Definitely one of my biggest inspirations. If I could wear these dressed to the grocery store, I would. Perfection.