come be my jersey girl

Wet air and stale dreams hung over me like the truth I saw in the distance. I know now why I live, and I’ve found its not to watch others die. I wanted to leave almost as badly as I wanted the rain to come back in unnatural masses. Only this way would the sound of drowning disappointment leave my head. If I could, I swear I would of run away that night. The small ach in my stomach has been increasing to a creature I don’t recognize, and am beginning to fear. I will keep my eyes fixated on the un-apologizing truth looming on the horizon. From where I’m standing it seems like the end of the world. I find myself running to get closer, only to seem just as far as I was yesterday. It’s like a nightmare, trying to escape what’s behind you and getting nowhere. I’ve found that in those dreams, the moment I turn around and face the monsters, my nightmare is over. 


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