What a beautiful day in the city today! It's day like this when I feel physical pain walking into the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Well, it's painful everyday, but if you've ever seen central park on a warm sunny day you know what I mean. I am at the PR office today working away on the usual sending and returning.
Yesterday was the Jessica Simpson look book shoot that I previously mentioned, which was fairly boring. The  cool part was that we were shooting at Milk Studios down the street from Chelsea Market. These studios are well known in the industry as places for crazy parties and where a lot of designers show their collections. Sometimes instead of a runway, a designer will just show their collection on models standing on podiums and viewers mill around looking and taking notes. The whole studio has two floors, which we were unfortunately on the less exciting one. The top floor has an open bar where hardworking fashion types drink free champagne as they shoot the September issue of Vogue. That's definitely glamorizing the job by a lot, but a photo shoot can be known to be a good time. The floor we were on was still very nice, with a coffee and raw juice bar replacing the alcohol. And the best part is you order whatever you want, and tell them to put it on 'studio C's tab'. That aspect of my day surely made up for the fact that Jessica Simpson has successfully designed 20 pairs of dress pants that all look the same.
While I'm on the topic, I would like to make a correction from my previous post. Yesterday I said Jessica Simpson's shoes were uncomfortable, which I then slyly crossed out and replaced with 'lovely'. I still think most of her shoes are not the best, but I totally fell in love with a pair of suede Mary Janes from her new fall collection that we were shooting. Naturally they don't come out until July, but I snapped a quick picture so I could show all of you. Me and Isabel are both going to buy a pair and send each other outfit photos with our classy new shoes. The best part about them is they are so comfortable! A really good point Isabel made yesterday is that there is nothing more unattractive then a women in heels who can't walk in them. To all you men out there: Isn't that the truth? Anyway they have a very Alexa Chung look to them and you will definitely see me sporting a pair this fall on the streets of Chicago.

Alexa when she had the most amazing talk show ever

How similar are they from the Jessica Simpsons? And I'm pretty sure Alexa's are YSL...


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