leave good for great

So my loves, it was my last day hanging with the big leagues today! I was genuinely really sad when I got out of the Lincoln tunnel and took a last look at New York! Well, obviously not my last look, but my last look as a new yorker working in the fashion industry.... I promise I'll be back though.

These are some photos of the PR office I worked at part time - Marie Saeki PR. I had a lovely time, and Marie gave me an adorable Petit Bateau dress and some t-shirts as a thank you gift! I simple adore them and the hassle of commuting 4 hours a day was well worth the opportunity.  

Selma Optique sunglasses

Barbara Briones shoes

You may be seeing the woven booties in Anthropology next season!

Petit Bateau

Alice Ritter + Marie's own collection of rain coats called Terra NYC... Karlie Kloss was wearing it in the latest issue of Vogue!

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