So if any of you read my posts when I was interning in New York a few months ago, you probably (don't) remember what I did when I was in the PR office. Well, it wasn't as eventful as going to a Marie Claire photo shoot, or seeing Ruven Afanador in action, but it was working in the fashion world - and you know that that's all I needed to be happy. Anyway, we would basically send magazines pieces from the company's we represent in hopes of them putting them in an issue and therefore creating good business for said company. So here are the results of the hundreds of press outs I filed, and meticulously wrapped frames I packed.
 Petit Bateau stripped shirts in Harpers Bazaar June/July (lower left hand corner)
BTW: These shirts are actually amazing... If you have the means, I recommend picking one up
 From Marie's own line of raincoats, Terra NYC, in Vogue!
Selma Optique frames in Glamour magazine! (blue/purple on the far right)

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