my internship begins!

Hello my loves!
Tomorrow, I start my exciting three week internship! I can't think of a better way to end my senior year.  I will be working with Isabel Dupre, an NYC based stylist, who was previously the style director at Elle magazine before going freelance a few years ago. If you don't follow fashion, being the style director of a major magazine is a huge deal. So needless to say, this is an amazing opportunity. For the next three weeks I will be documenting all the exciting things I'll be doing and the fashionable people I'll meet (and I will explain everything because people rarely know what I'm talking about when I talk about fashion). And then of course, there will be the clothes. I have high expectations for the clothes, and there will be plenty of me obsessing over them, and giving detailed fantasies of the day I will finally buy my first pair of Monolo Blanhik's.

I have no idea of what to expect, so I'm going into this with an open mind. In the mean time, here are some recent shoots that Isabel styled. So basically, a stylist picks outfits for magazines, celebrities and so forth. I think her style is awesome, but you can judge for yourself...

 first editorial: Marie Claire June 2010
second: Marie Claire February 2011
third: Marie Claire May 2011


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