trash and vaudeville gets a website!

So if your not enthralled by chains and leather everything, then you should stop reading now. BUT, if you are, then by all means continue! So Trash and Vaudeville, a longtime landmark of New York's Lower East Side rock/grunge/punk scene, has finally opened a website to shop! I'm super excited because I love their shoes especially, but they also have some of the coolest leather jackets/vests ever. So while, I may not go around flaunting pants that could hold the delaware river, I still divulge into my little bit of rebel once in a while. I do realize this is a little crazy compared to my last post about one the children of preppy, JCrew, but I think my style can be described as a happy medium between the two. At least thats what I see it as... away from school. So now I'm off to upload my portfolio to FIT! Wish me luck!

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