new beginnings

So assuming my memory serves me correctly, this would be the 3rd blog I have started. However, I've made a commitment to actually keep this one. As we all know blogging has become some kind of elite group of kids in the 'blogging know', and various types of culturally conscious hipsters. So I'm jumping on the trendy bandwagon so can tell my kids one day, "oh yeah, I had a blog way before it became as average as facebook". Although by the time I might have kids, we will probably have teleports and alternate universes.
But maybe that's not the real reason I'm starting a blog. For some reason, It's so much easier to talk to the entire world via cyberspace, then to be candid with your best friends. Another reason is that I've always wanted to document major beginnings in my life. I have stacks of pictures taken with a disposable camera from middle school, along with handwritten letters from camp friends. But I missed that opportunity in high school (and I do regret it somewhat). So here I am, looking for the last handhold on what feels like, the highest climb in the world: high school.
I guess I just figure that life is going to get real soon. I'm sure it will be excruciating sometimes, but one can only hope the tough times are spread between the good. I mean, come on, I'm 2 years from hitting my 20's - supposedly the best times of my life. Yes I am excited but I'm also scared out of my mind. For the first time I get to create my own life. I'm on my own

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